Friday, July 29, 2011

My first step into the world of blogging

     I decided to start this blog as a means of documenting and reflecting on my experiences in the fair city of Washington D.C.  I have been living here for almost a year now and my official one year anniversary with the District is this coming August 25th.  It amazes me how fast time has flown by this past year!  I have grown a lot as a person through living on my own and I have gained a better sense of what I want to do career-wise through my internships here.  Washington D.C. is such an amazing city and I have thoroughly enjoyed trouncing around the city via public transit and familiarizing myself with the distinct neighborhoods.
     The biggest joy I get from living in D.C. is by far the glorious people-watching opportunities that abound.  I have always enjoyed studying people (OK, I'm only a little creepy) but D.C. is one of the more exciting places to people-watch as there is so much going on all the time.  Perhaps one of the most distinguishing characteristics of D.C. is that it is a 'walking city'.  There is no need for a car here as it is easier to get around by public transit.  This, of course, is in direct contrast to my hometown of Houston, Texas where people drive anywhere and everywhere all the time.  If you see a person walking in Houston, he or she is probably homeless and you are likely to find them living under the freeway.  The walking factor is what makes people-watching here so great as I have interactions with people that I would otherwise never have driving around town!
     Public transit is a huge venue for great people-watching as well as there is always a conversation to eavesdrop on, an interesting outfit choice to study or a commotion to behold.  This city is a vast cultural melting pot with people from all over the world and all walks of life.  The diversity makes it all the more fascinating for me as I have always been enthralled by people from different cultures.  As one of my friends likes to say, there is never a dull moment here.  So. very. true.   As I continue to soak up the city and figure out my life as a twenty-something college grad, I plan on relating my experiences and people-watching anecdotes here.  So get ready!

Cherry blossom festival in DC- Spring 2011


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