Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Why hello there, dear blog, I missed you.

After a long blogging respite (yet again) I am back!  I am also back home in good ole' Houston now typing from the comfort of my TV room couch.

I've been home for about three weeks now.  I flew home on Thanksgiving Day on a last minute good deal that my parents and I found online.  My parents are the ones who convinced me to come home early as I was initially going to wait until today to fly back.  I think my Mom probably realized I needed to come home when I broke down in tears on the phone with her one night.   (I seriously don't know what I would do without her.)  I knew I needed to come home though as I was not in the right mindset to continue 'The Search' in a productive manner.

Since I've been home, I've been stuffing my face with my Mom's wonderful cooking, lounging around, and oh yeah, job searching.  Yes, it's been a relaxing, semi-productive three weeks in Texas.  I am enjoying the weather like no other.  It is currently 74 degrees outside while back in DC it's in the 40s.

I'm accepting the fact that I'm in another transition phase.  I'm also accepting the fact that I need to take a job wherever I can find one, provided it is in either the DC area, Houston or Austin.  I know I can't limit myself to just DC anymore as much as I want to.  I've been trying in DC for over a year now and while I have had some good experiences, nothing has produced a full-time, permanent position.  I had a phone interview this morning with a company in DC so we'll see how that works out.  I should hear back from them by the end of December at the latest.

In the meantime, I am enjoying the holiday season and trying to be thankful for everything I have.  I know there are tons of people like me, without a job at the holidays, and it's tough but I need to realize that it could be much worse.

So, in the spirit of counting blessings here is a list of things I am grateful for today in no particular order whatsoever.

1. Honest people
2. The tunsies (songs that I can crank up and jam to like no other)
3. My family
4. My friends who care
5. Christina Aguilera
6. My newfound love for avocados.
7. Warm winter weather in Texas.
8.  The chick on Glee who sings "Hate On Me"  (Take that Haters!-Glee-Hate On Me)
8.  Art and artists.

Artsy mirrors at DC craft fair.  I'll take the red one, thanks.

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