Sunday, December 8, 2013

Last day on the job: Going out MC Hammer style

Dear Blog,

In my previous entry I said that I would relate to you the details of my recent layoff.  At the time it was terrible but now that I look back on it, it is a rather amusing story.

It was Blast from the Past day at work.  The theme was to wear something from a decade past.  This was the third 'Spirit day' we were having at the office.  This day was preceded by 'Head to Toe Day'  where we wore crazy socks/hats and Wear Pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Day.  As with the other office Spirit days, I took this day very seriously.  My team of course consisted of all men and I was the only one who participated in any of this.  Not that I cared anyway.  I had decided that I was going to fully take advantage of any dress up days I was ever afforded at work.

So, on the morning of October 25, 2013, I strolled into work as MC Hammer from the 90's.  I donned a bandanna printed with dollar bills, a baggy sweatshirt,  parachute pants, boots, several gold bead necklaces, and a chain that read "BOSS."  Yes, boss was written in all capital letters.  It is important to take into account that I am a short, petite woman and the exact opposite of  MC Hammer.  When I got to the office, my friend who had helped me put my outfit together was intent on taking pictures in the hallway.  She was dressed up as Janet Jackson and we took pictures with another girl who was dressed up as the one and only Whitney Houston.

The rest of the morning in the office was uneventful and outside of the occasional co-worker stopping by to compliment my outfit, I went about my work day with little to no interruptions.  I stepped away from my desk for something and came back to a missed call on my phone.  I looked at my computer only to find an instant message from HR head, Dan,* asking me to come to his office.  I didn't think too much of it as I had just opted into my company's insurance plan and thought he may have had some questions for me.  Or, perhaps I would be getting a promotion?!   I did feel mildly ridiculous for having my crazy outfit on.

"There is no easy way to say this but today will be your last day here," Dan said.  I paused to let the words sink in.  This was not what I had expected at all.

All I could think of was how crazy I looked in my MC Hammer get-up.  The next few minutes seemed to trickle by as I pondered how I could take off the money bandana on my forehead.  I slowly reached up to take the bandana off.  I still had my chain on though.  The one day in my life I chose to wear a BOSS chain and here I was being fired!  Dan made no comment on my attire.

My boss, Robert*, on the line while working from his remote office in the Northeast, explained that my position was not generating enough revenue for the team and that they were going to take a different approach to their marketing efforts after looking at the budget.  Really?  I couldn't believe it.  I told my boss and the HR director that it was a pleasure working with them.  Dan asked for me to give my key card back as well as the key to my desk drawers.  He said that it was company policy for me to gather my things and leave the premises immediately.

I boxed up my things in a daze hoping to make a quiet departure without attracting too much attention. My Janet Jackson co-worker asked what I was doing for lunch and I told her what had happened.  She was just as surprised as I was.  I told her that I regretted my outfit choice.  I went down the hall to my other friend's cubicle in HR who said that she would walk me out to my car.  As I stood by the car, I told her that it had been a good year and a half at the company and that it had become like a second family to me.  My eyes welled up with tears.  She said that we would still keep in touch.

I stopped at McDonald's to gather myself and order a McFlurry and fries to soothe my pain.  The drive home felt like a dream.  I held in all my emotions but I was still in a state of shock.

Mom was at home and she welcomed me in with a hug.  I relayed the story to her  in full detail.  Despite my sadness of being laid off unexpectedly,  I realized that I was actually glad I had worn my MC Hammer outfit that day.  At least I had gone out in style!

<3 RK

My lovely BOSS chain: Going out in style

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