Sunday, December 8, 2013

Writing something everyday

Hello world,

I am currently taking a writing class where the instructor told us that the key to being a writer is to write something...anything...everyday.  I am going to try to implement this suggestion through the rest of December and into the new year.  If I don't write here then I will write in my journal.  Or, start working on my novel.  :)

I love writing and the process of putting down my thoughts on paper regardless of how silly or mundane they may be.  Writing brings clarity.   I find it therapeutic.   I have always felt better able to express myself through my writing as opposed to aloud.  Perhaps this has to do with my being an introvert?  With that said, I will often times have a great idea for a blog post or a scene for a story line but I won't write it down.  Why you ask?  I think I have a moderate fear of failure.  I question whether my words will be good enough.  I question the quality and flow of my writing.  Will the reader understand what I'm trying to convey?   So, I am making it my goal this month to write something each day.  Practice makes perfect, right?

The next entry will be Day 1 of my writing experiment.  Here we go...December 8, 2013...wish me luck.


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