Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting in that Christmas spirit

Only 7 more shopping days til Christmas!

I went out shopping with my sister on Saturday at both Target and Ross.  It was every man/woman for himself/herself.  People were scrounging among the discount items like wilder beasts after the last piece of prime rib.  Ok maybe I took my analogy too far but it was packed like no other in Ross.  The check out line snaked around half of the store!  Target was just as packed and we could hardly find a parking spot in the lot.  We ended up having to walk half a mile to the store.  I may be exaggerating just a little.

I am relating to you my chaotic shopping Saturday to say that it when it comes to Christmas shopping, it's a jungle out there.  Have we lost sight of the meaning of Christmas in all of our rampant consumerism?  Has the hustle bustle of the nation's peak shopping time disguised the true meaning of the holiday?  Why are we all acting as if stores will run out of goods?  When I was younger I would laugh off questions like this writing the commentators off as grumpy adults who didn't like to shop.  I guess now I am one of those grumpy adults!  Or maybe as you get older just see things in a different light.  Don't get me wrong though, I will still take the brand new purse and makeup, Mom!

<3 RK

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