Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Controlling those lovely things we call emotions

Do you have a bad temper?  How often do you lose your temper?

I don't have a bad temper and I am generally pretty easy going.  I am a very passive-aggressive person though.  I tend to keep things bottled up in order to avoid conflict.  Then every once in a blue moon, I will unleash some of the feelings I bottled up.  Usually those bottled up feelings will come out in tears when I am alone in my bedroom.  This is not a particularly good system and perhaps I should lose my temper every now and then to release some pent up frustration!

I really pride myself on keeping my cool in the workplace though.  I once cried in front of one of my first bosses for an internship in D.C. and regretted it deeply as I had let her mean words get to me.  I swore to myself that I would never again let that happen.  I would much rather cry it out at home or have a drink after work and talk it out with a friend.  My boss doesn't control my emotions, I do!  

What about you, fellow bloggers, how do you release your anger?  Maybe I can steal some of your ideas...;)


  1. Yikes - the hubs had a couple of his employees cry. In his case he felt worse about it than they probably did. Do you think your boss felt badly, or was a creep and enjoyed it?

    1. Hey there! Yikes is right--I learned my lesson about tears in the workplace! I kind of hope my boss felt bad although I don't really know for sure. She wasn't the nicest person to work for.